Leather Leggings, Breechcloth, Shirt

Okay, I have been working hard on new reproductions of early western European Neolithic clothing (~5500BCE on the Rhine). Each of the outfits I make are made as with as many period techniques as possible, but sometimes I am required to use a few modern things as the clothing is very small. Outfits, like this one, are similar to what the early people in the game might wear.

I made leggings, breechcloth and leather shirt! \o/
This is really a late fall, early spring outfit. She doesn’t have boots yet as I have not made them. She would be wearing leather boots.

Deer leather was used for the outfits. I cut them with an obsidian fleck and sewed them with string. For full size outfits, I make my own twine from flax fiber, but the tiny doll-sized clothing cannot scale properly, so I was forced to use natural cotton =/ I’ll be making more reproductions and I have a series of illustrations ordered up which I will post as well.

Deer leather is cut using an obsidian piece. Flint works too, as does chert. It’s actually quite easy to cut the leather.
<iframe width=”480″ height=”270″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/nT0UsHQsteQ” frameborder=”0″ gesture=”media” allow=”encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>
As you can see, obsidian cuts well! Not all Neolithic people had obsidian, but other stores work as well, such as flint.
Once the leather is cut, it can be sew with an awl and bone needle if need be.
Here is the set. Two leggings, a long winter breechcloth, leather belts and a long shirt. I have not made boots yet, but those are coming up.
I put these on a 1:6 doll. They didn’t fit her very well, but she isn’t very curvy and these cloths don’t conform well. She needs some boots. I had a Moana doll sitting around, so I put the outfit on her. It fit her MUCH better.

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