Leather Wrap – Skirt

While a loincloth or string skirt is comfy, sometimes nothing beats a leather wrap. Both men and women could wear them (cultures may have had specific rules, of course). I made a quick one using deer leather and little white beads (instead of bone beads, which are too large to use at 1:6 scale).










Deer leather, beads and thread. I had to use cotton fiber thread as my hand-spun flax cord is too thick for 1:6 scale.










Obsidian tools cut through deer leather like a hot knife through butter. Also, clean edges! I’ve used this tool for the last 10 years :stuck_out_tongue:










The bone beads are glass in this case. I have real bone beads, but they are too large for 1:6 scale. I have a real bone awl for punching holes, but I use a needle due to the tiny holes I must make.























The doll wears the skirt without issue. She wraps the cloth around her waist, then binds it with a leather thong (long cord of leather, not the undergarment of the same name). She folds the top over the belt completing the skirt.
Note: The doll is holding unspun flax! \o/










It’s comfy protects the upper legs during stone working or walking through the brush. Should could also wear leggings if it were cold.

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