The Loincloth – Humanity’s First Real Garment

This week I sat down and made a Loincloth, probably the first (covering) garment ever made by our species. Sometimes, the loincloth is divided into: Loincloth (attaches in back and hangs over the front, not back) and Breechcloth (hands over front and back, often longer) and Apron (hangs down front but does not cover underneath).












I am going to be making leggings and a shirt too, but this all starts with a loincloth (breechcloth). I started with deer leather (suede). I couldn’t afford a long enough piece for a single piece, so I had to connect two pieces. A breechcloth is typical about 90% the length the wearer is tall.

The loincloth is the primary garment of most Neolithic people. Most other clothing would likely be removed in the heat or when inside a warm home (leggings/etc are uncomfortable in huts… trust me lol). In the screenshots for the game, you see the men wearing them almost exclusively, while the women wear apron loincloths. More complex clothing has probably not been created by the developers, yet, though I suspect it will. \o/

A loincloth may be simple, but it may also be highly decorated. I may sew shells onto this garment or add paint. Our ancestors loved adding little bits of personality to their garments.










[4 square feet of suede]










[A piece of obsidian easily cuts the deer leather into two long pieces with minimal effort]






















[A good obsidian piece is quicker than a knife or scissors and faster]























[A mere 10 minutes later, I have two long pieces (about 0.8 meters, long, each)]









[I broke my bone awl, so I used a metal awl instead. Awls punch holes in leather. I will make a new one, later]










[Using flax cord, I quickly lace the pieces together into a single panel]










[Flax is easy to spin and very strong. I sewed both sides making the panels very strong]























[Underneath, it looks quite nice. This breechcloth is ready for use!]























[The mannequin wears it well. She is protected from bushes, brambles, and her modesty is ensured. The breechcloth is actually more covering than many other garments! Also, it’s quite comfy to wear (unless it’s hot/humid or gets wet)]























[The backside is well covered, too. This ensures sitting isn’t uncomfortable]

Next, I need to make leggings and sandals/boots/shoes. After that, a leather top.

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