Making a Vertical Neolithic Loom

I have completed my early lbk Neolithic weighted Loom. I used traditional techniques, but I was forced to use store bought plywood. If it turns out I can successfully weave, I will arrange a trip to the forest to find and make a natural wood loom.




I need to fire some clay ring shaped weights tomorrow so I can attach the warp strands. Until then, it will sit like this being displayed by my ever diligent Neolithic mannequin.




I cut the grooves by simply burning the wood, hacking it with a stone hand tool, and then smoothing with a coral piece.




The entire operation to make the for grooves and secure the wood took about 2 hours. Cutting with fire is more precise than you might think, and quite easy. I used a simple tea light candle and did so safely in my house. I’ve done this many times by a bonfire, but it was easier indoors today.







The wood frame is held together by flax cord, and is quite sturdy.







On a side note, obsidian is very sharp and I get cut using it all the time LOL
Once I have woven a small carrying bag, I will post the results. Hopefully, the developers can use some of this information when making animations of ancient cities people weaving, the leather is still tremendously easier to use and more comfortable to wear. I should know, I wore only Neolithic clothing while making this LOL

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