Ishtar W.

Ishtar W. is a Computer Scientist and programmer, and a Neolithic period novelist. Ishtar has long been interested in ancient history and prehistory, especially the early western European Neolithic. When not working or writing novels, they are busy with AI research, systems analysis, software development, and experimental archaeology. Ishtar has published three novels set in 5500BCE and is working on their fourth novel and several novellas and short stories. Their specific interest in the early Neolithic surrounds the Linear Pottery Culture as well as several Anatolian cultures.

Ember bow fishes while Brig’dha controls their small wooden dugout boat (Ember of a New World)

"I believe that it is important to depict prehistory as accurately as possible so that readers will be transported into the past. More than just enjoying a good story, I want the reader to get an understanding of what it was like to live so many thousands of years ago. Understanding our past helps prepare us for our unknown future."

Little Mu (one of Ishtar's cats), a copy of Ember of Life, and a coffee