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Ember (Kaelu) of the Great River People – a young woman who enjoyed a carefree life until a message from the gods sent her on a desperate quest to the distant West, where the Sun sets. Along the way, she became a warrior, adventured and learned the meaning of life.

Ember is a member of the Linear Pottery Culture (LBK), a famous early Neolithic European culture centered in Western Europe. She was born in a small village on the bank of the Rhine River sometime around the year 5486 BCE.






Brig’dha the Moon Priestess – born in late Mesolithic Cromer, UK sometime around the year 5485 BCE, Brig’dha is a competent healer and moon priestess. Her ways are mystical, yet slightly less advanced than Ember. Her people remained in the late Mesolithic period while Embers people have progressed to the early Neolithic. Her favorite phrase is “Big Magic,” and she prefers to wear swirl body paints and a string skirt, as well as her amazing Amber of Life pendant. Much like continental Europeans, the inhabitants of Mesolithic and early Neolithic Britain were significantly darker skin color than what we see today. She slightly darker than Ember, in fact.






Pak, son of Ran, son of Torn – Born sometime around the year 5485 BCE, slightly to the East of Ember’s people. Pak is also a member of the Linear Pottery Culture (LBK).







Siah – A is a four year old girl living on the banks of the Indus River. She was born sometime around early 5498 BCE. Her mother, Paniah, is of Sri Lankan origin. Siah has turret syndrome and a pair of distinctive blue eyes. Prone to hyperactivity and with a short attention span, Siah is very playful and easily overwhelms most people. Around her neck, she wears a beautiful blue topaz necklace.  Though Ember and Brig’dha have reasonably dark skin, science is vastly darker and contrasts against her bright blue eyes giving her a mystical appearance, a trait she shares with her River priestess mother. How she picked up the HERC2 gene mutation is a mystery, but it remains her special mark. Around her neck, she wears a beautiful, blue topaz crystal pendant.





Isut’Sanup’ramu Aya’tar – Is a Neolithic Anatolian woman living in the city of Isut’na, Located almost on top of present-day Istanbul on the bank of the Bosporus in northern Turkey. She is a kindly high priestess of the fertility goddess Isut, a prehistoric manifestation of Inanna. Her name is Aya’tar, but her formal title is Isut’Sanup’ramu (Priestess Vessel of Goddess Isut). She was born sometime around the year 5486 BCE.