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Great River People (Mannheim, Germany) – A small village of perhaps 150 people nestled on the shores of the great River Rhine. The great River people are members of the Linear Pottery Culture (LBK) living in what will one day be known as Mannheim, Germany.

Isen’bryn (Cromer, UK) – The Isen’bryn are a late Mesolithic / trans Neolithic tribe living on the shores of the North sea on the East Coast of Britain, Northumbria. While technically a Mesolithic people utilizing bone, stone and leather, as well as being primarily hunter gatherers, they grow a limited number of simple crops as well as use imported pottery from the mainland. The character Brig’dha is from this tribe, originally.

Inn’bry’th (Britain) – The name the island Britain has been given by the Isen’bryn, Brig’dha’s original tribe. While it technically refers to the entirety of Britain, it generally is implied to mean Northumbria in the lowlands of Scotland.

Blue Sea People (Nice, France) – A small trading tribe filled with the dysphoria of many dislocated tribes and established by members of the Isen’bryn of Inn’bry’th.

Ul’uer’s Village (Genoa, Italy) – A small village near present-day Genoa, Italy.

Fertility Festival of Ember of Life (Garessio, Italy) – A major fertility festival attended by many regional tribes. A place for the discussion of regional news as well as a place to find a spouse, a convenient function for exogamy.

Isut’na (Istanbul, Turkey) – Isut’na, the city of the fertility goddess Isut, is a mudbrick multileveled city nestled upon the shores of the Bosporus of northern Turkey.

Nara’kit (Yuşa Hazretleri Tepesi, Turkey) – A sister city to Isut’na in many ways, Nara’kit is a mudbrick multileveled proto-city built reasonably close to the Bosporus of northern Turkey. Unlike Isut’na, Nara’kit hosts a moral warlike culture honed in battle from the many warlike tribes competing for resources nearby.

Taerhem (Thessaloniki, Greece) – A large trading tribe sitting almost exactly on the location of the future city of Thessaloniki, Greece. The weather is quite hot and humid, but also a great place to trade for exotic wears.