LGBTQIA+, Action, Adventure, Prehistory, Archaeology, Romance

Ishtar has written several novellas and short stories set in prehistory and antiquity. Each story was carefully researched and written to surround the reader with the beauty of the ancient past. While the subject is typically queer romance, action, adventure, and mystery are all significant themes. Ishtar believes that romance isn't based solely upon a simple explicit interaction but built upon an intense and sensual relationship. Characters need to feel real and be genuinely interesting, both to the reader and to one another. It is from these relationships that true romance can be written.

All these stories are free to read. It would be appreciated if you left a like, spread the word about a story you liked, or even left a review. Each of these stories took months of research and writing, and every little bit of feedback makes the author incredibly happy. Be sure to follow Ishtar on Twitter for more information!

A Neolithic bow and arrow

Medusa and Andromeda of Aethiopia stand on the bank of the Aegean

Medusa and Andromeda of Aethiopia

LGBTQIA+, Mythology, Action, Aegean, Medusa, Andromeda, Romance
Short Story (~4300 words) - ~1300 BCE Bronze Age Aegean

The original tale of Medusa, Perseus, and Andromeda has long held problematic themes. It paints the victim of many crimes, Medusa, as a villain while ignoring the vile acts of her murderer, Perseus. Long have some dreamed of a better version, one in which the famous gorgon is no longer a monster but a valid person with feelings and substance. To this end, some of the unsavory tropes and themes of the original story are found within, such as assault and misogyny, but these are now correctly cast as the immoral acts they are. The gods no longer get a pass

Ateá and the Turquoise Princess of Egypt sing and dance

Ateá and the Turquoise Princess of Egypt

LGBTQIA+, Egyptian, Action, Adventure, Minoan, Archaeology, Romance
Novella (~34,500 words) - 2360 BCE Bronze Age Crete

A Princess of Egypt's Old Kingdom travels to an Island to secure peace as assassins track her every move. A Minoan bull leaper woman is requested to give a private dance, but will she survive? Excitement and danger lurk as princess and bull leaper fight for love, Minoa, and freedom against assassins, usurpers, and society. Snake goddesses, a priestess of Ishtar, a priest of Ra, and a mysterious tablet surround this amazing queer romance set in historically accurate 2360 BCE, Crete

Two hand prints on a cave wall

Hunter, we are Hunted

LGBTQIA+, Prehistoric, Action, Neanderthal , Paelolithic, Romance
Short Story (~9000 words) - ~55,000 BCE Upper Paleolithic Levant

Our story takes place 57,000 years ago in the upper paleolithic Levant beside the extinct Lake Lisan, a salt lake connecting what is now called the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea in what is now Israel. In the year 55,000 BCE, the land was more humid and slightly cooler. Early modern humans (known in the story as the Tall Ones) coexisted, perhaps not always peacefully, with Neanderthal (known as the Strong Ones). Our story starts with one young early modern human, or “Tall One,” from what is now called the Ahmarian culture

A Pictish warrior woman faces off against a Sarmatian warrior woman

My Mother’s Spear

LGBTQIA+, Rome, Pictish, Sarmatian, Britannia, Romance
Novella (~42,000 words) - 160 CE Iron Age Atlantic Archipelago

The year is 160 CE, and the mighty Roman Empire seeks to control the lands of the Picts (what is now Scotland). A brave Pictish warrior woman and a rugged Sarmatian mounted archer woman find war, blood, love, and adventure at the Antonine Wall. My Mother's Spear is a queer coming of age story set at the height of the Roman conquest of the Atlantic Archipelago